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COUNTER TERROR EXPO - Olympia, London 2014  

6th Counter Terror Expo, April 2014, London, Olympia


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Counter Terror Expo is the premier international event delivering buyers and specifiers from across the world within Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Critical National Infrastructure, Private Sector and the Security Services.

The 6th edition of Counter Terror Expo offers a comprehensive display of technology, equipment and services alongside a high level education programme designed to inform against the evolving security threat.

Around 9,500 attendees and 400+ exhibitors will participate in a free to attend exhibition featuring multiple show floor workshops, new show feature zones, IEDD demo area, high level conference streams, behind closed door briefings and networking events in one secure environment.





CYBER SECURITY & ELECTRONIC TERRORISM - Day 2 - Wednesday 30 April 2014


0900-0920 Coffee & Registration


0920-0930 Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction


0930-1000 The World is Changing!

What is the 21st century cyber threat?
Why you don't have to defeat an army on the battlefield to win a war
What this change means for nation states in terms of impacts, opportunities and threats

James Stuart, Director, Alt3


1000 -1030 Cyber Terrorism - A Real or Imagined Threat?

An assessment of where the generation of cyber terrorists will arise from?

Use of the Internet by terrorist groups active in Sub Saharan Africa
How social media is being used by terrorist and how this differs from previous web technologies
Application of theoretical models of terrorist engagement to the practice of terrorism in cyber space

Stewart K. Bertram, Cyber Capability Manager, Control Risks


1030-1100 Cyber Security - The Priority

The role of OCSIA on cyber security, information assurance and e-crime
Ensuring the resilience and security of government ICT infrastructures
New ways to protect businesses and make the UK more resilient to cyber-attacks and crime

Neil Kenward, Deputy Director, Cyber Programme & Intelligence Finance & Capabilities, Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (OCSIA), Cabinet Office


1110 - 1130 Coffee/Tea/ Exhibition Visit 


1040-1110 Cyber Security - The Priority

The role of OCSIA on cyber security, information assurance and e-crime
Ensuring the resilience and security of government ICT infrastructures
New ways to protect businesses and make the UK more resilient to cyber-attacks and crime

Neil Kenward, Deputy Director, Cyber Programme & Intelligence Finance & Capabilities, Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (OCSIA), Cabinet Office


1110-1130 Coffee/Tea/ Exhibition Visit 


1130-1155 Tackling the Threat of Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism

Unravelling cyber warfare and cyber terrorism from cyber crime
The threat to governments and commerce from cybercrime and cyber terrorism
The role of EC3 in implementing and delivering a concerted strategy to combat cybercrime in Europe

Importance of reinforcing existing cooperation across Europe to address cross-border collaboration and jurisdiction issues

Speaker TBC


1155-1220 Introduction to the National Cyber Crime Unit

Working proactively to target criminal vulnerabilities and prevent criminal opportunities
Importance of mainstreaming of cyber investigative capabilities
Addressing key challenges - the international dimension
Future plans to grow capability to respond in fast time to rapidly changing threats

Andy Archibald, Head of the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU)


1220-1240 The ACPO E-crime Strategy

What the police service and other agencies are doing to combat e-crime
Importance of mainstream cyber awareness and capabilities
Protecting against terrorism-incitement and inappropriate material online

Peter Goodman QPM, Deputy Chief Constable, East Midlands & ACPO lead on Cyber Crime


1240-1300 Panel Discussion & Q&A


1300-1400 Lunch, Networking and Exhibition Visit


1400-1420 Pro-Government Cyber Attacks with Virtual Armies

How the Syrian Electronic Army has been active during the Syrian conflict.
The intensity and scope of activities and implications for media groups, government institutions and others which have been hijacked

Dr Dave Sloggett, Author and Independent Academic


1420-1440 Cyber Resilience - Building a Defence Strategy that Works

The array and complexity of cybersecurity threats
Why traditional risk management can't deal with the risks from activity in cyberspace
Managing information risk with resilience
The importance of cyber governance and partnering

Steve Durbin, Global Vice President, Information Security Forum (ISF)


1440-1500 The Big Data Battle for Cyber Space

Why the war for control of cyber space is real
Why global collaboration is needed for this new kind of warfare
Big data as a useful weapon in the defence of the cyber threat

Mike Loginov, Chief Cyber Security Strategy Officer - Government, Hewlett Packard (HP) ESS


1500-1520 Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism

Defining a research agenda on cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism in Europe
How to protect critical European infrastructures against cyberattack and misuse
Combatting terrorists’ use of the Internet to spread propaganda and recruit followers

Chief Inspector David Fortune, Seconded Police/Security Research and Innovation Expert, CENTRIC - Sheffield Hallam University, and Det. Inspector Andrew Staniforth, International Research Team, West Yorkshire Police


1520-1540 Information Security in the Age of Social Media

The way companies should manage their twitter and facebook presence against potential attackers, both social-engineering hacks and information-warfare exploits (black PR).

Edward Lucas, Senior Editor, The Economist


1540-1600 Security on Social Network Sites - The Case of the British Army

A critical examination of the use of SNSs in the British Army
Possible privacy and security risks associated with fast growing use of Social Network Sites (SNSs)
Identifying the risks from digital footprints
An assessment of efforts made towards education and creating awareness

Sylvester Abanseka, Independent Security Consultant


1600-1620 Cyber Attacks on Mobile Devices

An update on new and emerging threats to mobile devices
Importance of guarding against attacks and threats in the electronic, cyber and physical domains
An example attack on a mobile network device

John Bayliss, Director (Security), Communications Risk Management


1620-1640 Panel Discussion & Q&A

All Speakers

1640 Close



Counter terrorism exposition, London Olympia, April 2014





0900-0920 Coffee & Registration


0920-0930 Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction


0930-1000 The Threat from Solo Terrorists

The creativity and level of sophistication demonstrated by solo terrorists
The challenge these actors represent for security services and law enforcement agencies
Examples of solo terrorists including Swedish Malmö-shooter Peter Mangs

Cato Hemmingby, Research Fellow, Norwegian Police University College


1000-1030 Do Terrorists Exploit Relative Superiority?

Assessment of the tactical success and failure of individual terrorist attacks
Analysis of methods employed by disparate terrorist groups
A review of the six fundamentals of special operations (simplicity, security, repetition, speed, surprise, and purpose)
Examples from over 20 separate terrorist attacks, both successful and unsuccessful
Alternative methods to predict and prevent terrorist attacks

Major Erik Davis, Downing Scholar, Combating Terrorism Center


1030-1100 Coffee, Networking and Exhibition Visit


1100-1130 Counterinsurgency Operations (COIN)

Key skills required for COIN missions
How to fight terrorists in hostile environments
Importance of discriminate use of force
The role for COIN in future conflicts

Colonel Tim Collins OBE BSc MA PSC, Late R Irish, Chief Executive Officer, New Century


1130-1200 Protecting Soft Targets From Hardline Terror

Ensuring correct balance between intelligence, physical means, correct manpower and realistic procedures
Balancing covert, overt and low profile methods of security
How to attain maximum protection whilst maintaining realistic budgets

Ivor Terret, Director,Training & Consulting, AS Solution


1200-1230 Private vs Public Sector Protective Security

Understanding the corporate risk appetite and identified threats
The need for an objective, balanced and informed approach when considering protective security
Case study examples

Lee Doddridge, Director, Covenant


1230-1300 Panel Discussion and Q&A


1300-1400 Lunch, Networking and Exhibition Visit


1400-1425 Counter IED Search

The importance of training for Police and Security Officers in the Homeland Security environment
Benefits of deploying IED Search personnel for VIP visits and significant events
The drive for equipment to counter the IED threat

Steve Kettle LCGI, CEO and Principal Consultant C-TAP


1425-1450 Profiling Analysis in Counter Terrorism 

How the age of information has globalised terrorism
Why find the terrorists before they even adopt terrorist ideas?
The need for a reliable tool for early detection of suspicious behaviour of terrorism
Using profiling platforms that could identify individuals with significant risk factors
Benefits and paybacks

Adrian Brezulianu, Ph.D., Managing Director at Greensoft SRL and Professor, Technical University of Iasi, Romania


1450-1515 Counter Terrorism Surveillance - New Solutions

CCTV and OCC standards under development for counter terror activities in passenger transport

Dave Gorshkov CEng, FIET, Managing Director, Digital Grape Business Services and Chairman of the CCTV and PSIM Standards Working Group


1515-1540 Soft Mitigation of Hostile Threats

Assessment of the increasing adoption in numerous theatres of 'soft security'
Using positive engagement with host communities to mitigate hostile security threats
Using open ethical engagement to build links and enhance security
Importance of a transparent and demonstrable commitment to upholding human rights

Gabriel Carter, LPD Risk Management


1540-1605 Countering the Terrorist Threat via Digital Media Analysis


Exploiting digital media to enhance public safety whilst reducing operational budgets
Easy and cost-effective routes to access the intelligence in digital media held by law enforcement and intelligence agencies
Using face recognition technology to depict individuals of interest

Carl Gohringer, Founder, Allevate


1605-1630 Panel Discussion and Q&A

1630 Close


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