Investment opportunities in clean technology, zero emission land and ocean transport systems





Bluebird Marine System Ltd (BMS) is looking at various ways to allow us to develop and exploit patent applied for and future patent-able high performance technology in zero carbon transport applications, both land and sea.


The projects we are interested in are listed in order of importance (by way of perceived urgency) below. Road transport is already being tackled fairly well with cars that now offer 60+ miles to a gallon of fuel, with 100mpg on the horizon. That coupled with EVs becoming more popular, lessens the urgency we accord our Road Transport System.


Most importantly, we believe that the oceans need to be cleaned up to sustain blue growth. Ironically, the technology we will be demonstrating for that task, may then go on to be developed for zero carbon marine transport. First though, we are inviting risk share partners for the SeaVax system. If we cannot attract commercial partners, we will be looking at crowd funding - or a mixture of both, where % grant funding is not a viable proposition for disruptive technology, or for not for profit research.



1. OCEAN CLEANUP SYSTEM  >>>>>>>  A potential solution to ocean plastic pollution for 2025


2. MARINE TRANSPORT SYSTEM   >>>>>>>  A climate change target for 2035


3. ROAD TRANSPORT SYSTEM   >>>>>>>  A concept looking to a Circular Economy before June 2045


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Where in-effect we are a not-for-profit company (at the moment) it would not be appropriate to invite investment in any project via an equity release scheme.


In the future this may change, for example once a product or system has been developed to a stage where the commercial world might be interested in incorporating our technology into mainstream manufacturing. If this ever came about it is more likely for production of a limited edition run of solar/electric city or sports cars, rather than for SeaVax. We would though like to retain our not for profit status to add value to crowd funding contributors and other sponsors of the ocean regeneration project now being managed by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation.


Only three ordinary shares have ever been issued and one of those was returned to BMS for the purchase price to eliminate any potential conflict of interest.







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The World's largest vacuum cleaner - SeaVax is a blue water cleanup ship that uses several stages of filtration to remove nets and bulkier plastic waste, and to filter plastic particles from the ocean gyre soups. We hope to develop the concept from our 1/20th scale experimental models (see 1st Autocad prototype above), into the combine harvester of the oceans. Departing from swifter SWASH hull of the Bluefish ZCC, we are using a trimaran configuration that lends itself to the task. As with the ZCC range, this vessel is powered by energy from nature. A combination of solar and wind power provides in excess of 3.5kW per ton to drive the machinery without a drop of diesel in sight. Being autonomous is also a cost saving feature. There are no unions to argue for shorter hours - because no crew is necessary. This means that the ship can be smaller and simpler. No galley or bunks are needed, no chartroom or helm. A dedicated navigation and communications package ensures fleet integration and COLREGs compliance.


Ocean Enterprise - Its one-year mission: to explore the ocean currents, to seek out plastic waste accumulations, and to boldly go where no vacuum ship has gone before.  CONTACT US to register your interest.






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