CLEANER OCEANS CLUB Limited edition mugs

Cleaner Oceans Club limited edition T shirts, give a gift today for a cleaner tomorrow





Miss Ocean, Cleaner Oceans Club mug with the bluebird trademark


MUGS - Rotational views through 180 degrees of the Miss Ocean limited edition mug in support of the beauty contest to be held in Eastbourne in East Sussex, England in 2016.



SeaVax supporters will be able to purchase individual items. The money raised from this initiative will go towards the cost of attending events and lobbying for a change in policies aimed at reducing single use plastic - and educating local authorities as to the various ways of cutting down on the plastic that flows from rivers into the sea.


Crowd investors and corporate sponsors will receive special packages commensurate with the level of support they choose. The ultimate package will include the name of the investor, company or group on the hull of the full size prototype SeaVax vessel - to include naming of the figurehead - which at the moment could be either a whale or dolphin carving, or the manta ray at present running as the favourite design. Opportunities exist at the moment for a prime sponsor, or a consortium of sponsors to name the vessel, with media opportunities that will flow from the build stages and launch of the ship - to include a naming ceremony.



Cleaner Oceans supporters mug   SeaVax supporters mug - for fabulous toxin free fish with blue bird logo


MUGS - Coming soon for 2016, an improved range of mugs will feature the new SeaVax logo.




* Supporters can elect to remain anonymous.






CLEANER OCEANS CLUB - From January of 2016, you can help us to make this project happen by joining the Cleaner Oceans Club (COC). Members of the COC will receive a Certificate, inclusion on our list of supporters,* and depending on their level of membership, other benefits - all the way up to naming rights and invitations to events. Empowered women can enter the Miss Ocean beauty contest, to draw attention to ocean plastic waste, acid oceans and climate change.









MUGS GALORE -  The above is a very limited number of designs that are currently on sale on dozens of websites. It is interesting to compare one design brief with another. The top row feature cartoon birds. The bottom row is more fine art, with one wrap around print being just a nice photograph of a blue bird perched on a branch.





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