World water tech investment summit,  9 - 11 March, Trinity House, London, 2015


World Water Tech investment summit March 9 2015


The fourth Summit Reception will be held at the historic Trinity House overlooking the Tower of London, and will be hosted by Minister Sean Sherlock, TD, Minister of State at Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. One of the best networking events of the year for the water industry, this is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new potential partners.

The Minister will also be speaking at the summit, sharing his insight into the role of government in incentivizing and facilitating the adoption of advanced solutions in water and wastewater infrastructure.


True innovation demands much more than technology development. It requires close cooperation between R&D start – ups, technology integrators, strategic investors and end-users including both utilities and the key industrial sectors: energy mining and food and beverage.

The goal of the World Water-Tech Investment Summit is to pool ideas and experiences from around the world to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies by both municipal and industrial water users.


Launched in London in the Spring of 2012, the World Water-Tech series has established itself as a meeting place for international stakeholders focused on advancing the commercialisation of advanced water and wastewater solutions. Based on the outstanding success of the first two summits, the World Water-Tech North America summit was launched in partnership with WaterTAP Ontario, and takes place each Fall in Toronto, Canada. The World Water-Tech team also works in partnership with PUB Singapore and BlueTech Research to host the TechXchange, a one day summit focused on technology innovation at Singapore International Water Week.









09.00 - Introductory Chair:  Mark Lane, UK WATER PARTNERSHIP, UK


Keynote Welcome Address: A New UK Strategy for Accelerating Innovation in the Water Sector

Lord Chris Smith, Chairman, UK WATER PARTNERSHIP, UK


09.20  -  Keynote Address:  Minister Sean Sherlock, TD, Minister of State, DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND TRADE, IRELAND


09.40  -  Opening Session: Integrating Innovation into Utility Procurement Models


• How can utilities better understand and manage technology risk through new procurement and alliancing models?
• How can procurement models promote the incorporation of advanced technologies in large-scale water projects? What incentive mechanisms have been proven to work?
• How can new partnership models between utilities, engineering consultancies and technology providers shape the development of solutions which better meet the needs of today’s utilities?
• What are the particular challenges faced by different stakeholders in the water supply chain in bringing innovation to market?
• What can we learn from other industries such as energy and telecoms about how they build innovation into their operations?
• People can make or break the success of technology adoption: How can utilities create a culture of change within their operations and prepare people to embrace advanced technologies?
• Case studies of success in piloting, validating and commercialising new water-tech solutions

Avraham Ben Yosef, Engineering & Technologies VP, MEKOROT, ISRAEL
Keith Wishart, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM, UK
Laurent Auguste, Senior Executive VP Innovation and Markets, VEOLIA, FRANCE
Mark LeChevallier, Director, Innovation & Environmental Stewardship AMERICAN WATER, USA


10.40  -  Networking Coffee Break


11.10  -  Water-as-a-Service: Harnessing the power of Big Data to dirve efficiencies in Water Utilities

Trevor Hill, Chairman, FATHOM GLOBAL WATER, USA


11.30  -  Corporate Venturing Panel: Successful Models for Connected Innovation and Partnership


• How do we make innovation more efficient and reduce the time to market of new solutions?
• The role of the technology integrator in accelerating the transformation of viable technologies into large-scale commercialization
• Staying ahead of the game: Identifying new business models, and new ways to integrate and collaborate with different stakeholders in the chain
• What are the best strategic/economic criteria for analyzing an investment proposition? How do technology integrators ensure their vetting process focuses resources on the best opportunities?
• Weighing up internal R&D vs external collaboration: When to invest/incubate and when to buy out? When to partner and when to acquire?
• Best practice in structuring partnerships and alliances to create a win-win for the technology developer and the corporate investor
• Sharing success stories of corporate venturing and technology piloting in the water-tech sector



Phil Rolchigo, Vice President Global Technologies, PENTAIR, USA
Snehal Desai, Global Business Director, DOW WATER & PROCESS SOLUTIONS, USA


12.00  -  Break Out into Roundtable Discussions


Each of the morning’s speakers will host a roundtable discussion, during which delegates can dig more deeply into the issues raised during the morning’s panels.


12.15  -  Technology Showcase: 4 Early-Mid Stage Companies Pitch their Solutions to our Panel of Dragons


Smart Water Meters, Communication Infrastructure, Network Monitoring and Automation Technology, Data Management and Analytics

Wayne Byrne, Managing Director, OXYMEN, IRELAND
Michael Murray, Managing Director, NVP IRELAND


13.00  -  Networking Luncheon




14.00  -  Panel: Smart Water Solutions in the Age of the Industrial Internet


• What does “smart” really mean to today’s utilities?
• How can the water sector capitalize on the potential value created by Big Data, M2M connectivity and the Internet of Everything?
• Data-driven asset management: How can we use data to extend the operations of existing facilities and make better investment decisions for the future?
• What are the unique connectivity and communications challenges that face water networks?
• Creating game-changers: If utilities seek a return on investment in 3-5 years, how can smart solution providers come together to meet this challenge?
• What do we know now about smart water that we wish we knew five years ago?


Session Chair:  Stuart Moss, Head of Water Consulting,ISLE UTILITIES, UK

Ken Thompson, Director, Intelligent Water Solutions, CH2M HILL, USA
Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation, ANGLIAN WATER, UK
Steve George, Business Development Manager, AQUALOGY, UK


15.00  -  Focus: Technology Enablers for Retail Competition


• What technologies do utilities need in order to become more competitive in the retail sector?
• How can the digitization of water networks help industrial clients reduce their water use?
• What analytics and information are most valuable to industrial clients?


Rupert Kruger, Head of Innovation and Business Retail, THAMES WATER, UK


15.30  -  Networking Coffee Break


16.00  -  Water in the Resilient City: Connected Infrastructure and Closed-Loop Resource Management


• How can smart, data-driven water solutions contribute to the resilience of our cities?
• What data do cities need and what are they willing to pay for?
• How are the leading sustainable cities connecting water infrastructure with energy, transport and communications, and what could a truly connected city look like?
• How can decentralized wastewater treatment systems contribute to the resilience and sustainability of today’s cities?
• How can models for decentralized energy generation be applied in the wastewater sector, and are we seeing the two begin to converge?
• What policy changes and incentives are required to make decentralized solutions viable for cities?
• How are cities financing new infrastructure, and what new models can the water industry offer to share the risks and rewards of a smarter approach to water management?

Session Chair: Alexander McPhail, Lead Water & Sanitation Specialist, WORLD BANK

Jan Rasmussen, Program Manager, Climate Unit, CITY OF COPENHAGEN, DENMARK
Roman Llagostera, Deputy Manager of Environment and Urban Services, BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL, SPAIN


16.45   **** Deals of the Year 2014 ****


• Investors who’ve invested in water technology companies during 2014 come together in a panel to discuss their recent investments and share their insight into what makes a good deal in this sector


Session Chair:  Kerry Freek, Manager of Marketing and Communications, WATERTAP, CANADA

Nityen Lal, Founder and Managing Partner, ICOS CAPITAL, NETHERLANDS
Investment: High Voltage Water and Metal Membranes
Reinhard Hübner, Investment Manager, SKION, GERMANY
Investment: SH+E and Pyregea
François-Xavier Meyer, Investment Director, SEB ALLIANCE
Investment: Advanced Mem-Tech


18.00  -  Networking Drinks Reception




09.00  -  Keynote Address: Finance, Innovation, Governance and Infrastructure – An Integrated Approach to Water-Tech Adoption

Usha Rao-Monari, Chief Executive Officer, GLOBAL WATER DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, UK


09.20 - Keynote Address: Opportunities for International Partnership in Brazil’s Water and Wastewater Sector - Gesner Oliviera, Partner, GO ASSOCIADOS and former CEO,SABESP, BRAZIL


09.40  -  Keynote Session: Integrating Advanced Technologies into Global Water Infrastructure


• Multilateral agencies and global infrastructure investors address the opportunities and challenges in integrating advanced technologies into major infrastructure projects in emerging markets
• Where will we see growth in major new water infrastructure being developed over the next 5-10 years and what is the potential for private sector participation in these projects?
• To what extent will we see emerging markets leapfrogging the rest of the world in terms of innovation in water infrastructure?


Malinne Blomberg, Chief Financial Analyst, Water and Sanitation Department, AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK, TUNISIA


10.00  -  Towards New Models for Industrial Water and Wastewater Assets


• Industrial water users are no longer restricting their involvement in water to what goes in within the factory gates: How can wastewater treatment, re-use and recycling technologies be used to manage water throughout the catchment?
• How great is the potential for pre-packaged, modular water and wastewater recycling solutions in the industrial sector and which technologies are gaining most traction?
• The industrial water market is highly fragmented: What is the role of technology integrators in helping small tech companies penetrate this complex market?
• Industrial water users are increasingly looking to finance water and wastewater treatment facilities off balance-sheet: How can these projects be financed and what could the model look like?
• Exploring new models for developing water assets for industrial clients: How could such projects be structured? What could the role of the investor, the project developer and the technology provider look like?
• The potential for new, service-led business models to supply industrial water users


Session Chair:  Piers Clark, Business Development Director, GLOBAL WATER DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, UK - Michael Avant-Smith, Commercial Director, NUWATER,UK
Lydia Whyatt, Investment Manager, RESONANCE ASSET MANAGEMENT, UK
Liam Curran, Senior Technologist, ENTERPRISE IRELAND, IRELAND


10.45  -  Networking Coffee Break


11.15  -  Technology Showcase: 4 Early-Mid Stage Companies Pitch their Solutions to our Panel of Dragons


Wastewater treatment, resource recovery, re-use, low-energy wastewater treatment and desalination


Session Chair: Keith Hay,Director, BLUEFIELD RESEARCH, SPAIN

Pascal Le Melinaire, Founder, BGH, FRANCE
Herman Grobler, Managing Director, MIWATEK, SOUTH AFRICA
Lee Savage, Director, SAVAGE SHOWERS, UK
Matt Stephenson, Business Unit Director AQUALOGY, UK


12.15  -  Oil and Gas: Critical Needs


• Identifying the most critical technologies: What specific areas of water technology are energy companies most interested in today?
• How are new technologies pushing the boundaries and opening up new opportunities?
• Are we moving towards water-neutral energy production, and what will it take to get us there?
• How can technology providers work in partnership with energy companies to help them achieve their sustainability goals?
• How are energy companies sharing successful technology solutions and what new models could be developed to accelerate the development and implementation of water technologies within the oil and gas industry?


Session Chair: Paul O’CallaghanCEO, BLUETECH RESEARCH, IRELAND

Anna Halpern-Lande, Senior Venture Principal, SHELL TECHNOLOGY VENTURES, NETHERLANDS
Laurent Auguste, Senior Executive VP Innovation and Markets, VEOLIA, FRANCE


12.45  -  Break Out into Roundtable Discussions


Each of the morning’s speakers will host a roundtable discussion, during which delegates can dig more deeply into the issues raised during the morning’s panels.




14.00  -  Breaking Barriers: Towards an Integrated Resource Economy


• What could the water, waste and energy markets look like in 20 years?
• How can we work towards a truly integrated resource economy where water, waste and energy are more closely interwoven?
• How are leading technology integrators creating complete solutions that bridge these categories and provide game-changing value for clients?
• Closing the Loop: What does total resource recovery from wastewater look like and what technologies do we need in order to achieve this?
• Advanced anaerobic digestion, thermal hydrolysis, dewatering and biosolids recovery
• Extracting fats and greases
• Gasification of solid materials within wastewater
• What are the barriers to creating energy positive water utilities?
• How can the water industry work more closely with the food waste, municipal waste, and industrial waste sectors to create renewable energy and resource centres utilizing advanced energy recovery solutions?


Concluding Investor Perspective:


• Leading investors offer advice to entrepreneurs on how to position their companies to attract investment, and how to identify the right partners for success
• How does water-tech investment stack up in terms of return rate and risk profile?
• Who is investing in water technology and how can water tech companies attract the right partner?
• Opportunities to invest to get the proper return: where are the niches where costs can be recovered in the value chain


14.00  -  Networking Luncheon and Close of Summit





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The exhibition is being held between the 9 - 11 March 2015 at Trinity House in the City of London.



Trinity House, Tower Hill, London





The safety of shipping and the well being of seafarers have been our prime concerns ever since Trinity House was granted a Royal Charter by Henry VIII in 1514.

Today Trinity House has three distinct functions:


General Lighthouse Authority

They are the General Lighthouse Authority (GLA) for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. Our remit is to provide Aids to Navigation to assist the safe passage of a huge variety of vessels through some of the busiest sea-lanes in the world.

Regular traffic ranges from nimble dinghies to mighty super tankers, which have stopping distances running to miles and turning circles to match. To meet our obligations we deploy an impressive array of in excess of 600 aids to navigation, ranging from lighthouses to a satellite navigation service.

Trinity House responsibilities also include the annual inspection and auditing of over 10,000 Aids to Navigation provided by local port and harbour authorities and those provided on offshore structures such as production platforms or wind farms. Trinity House is also responsible for marking, and dispersing wrecks which are a danger to navigation.

Charitable Organisation

Trinity House is a charitable organisation dedicated to the safety, welfare and training of mariners. Click for more info.

Deep Sea Pilotage

Trinity House are a Deep Sea Pilotage Authority providing expert navigators for ships trading in Northern European waters. They are authorised by the Secretary of State for Transport to licence Deep Sea Pilots. Although it's not compulsory to carry a Deep Sea Pilot, many ship's masters unfamiliar with Northern European waters like to employ their professional expertise to assist their bridge team.


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B2B MATCHMAKING EVENT - Thursday 5 March at Resource, for the Circular Economy (alongside Ecobuild)


Seavax ocean cleanup business card




SeaVax - robotic plastic garbage ocean cleanup


We are developing patent applied (GB2511731) for technology and a business model to be able to recycle plastics from the 6 major ocean gyres. To do this we will use a solar and wind powered ship codenamed SeaVax, that seeks and harvests plastic from seawater, and separates the plastic solids for transfer to a barge based waste transport system, to deliver the plastic to land based treatment centres for recycling into oil and board.


At this time there is no other potentially economically viable system that could stand a chance of sweeping the 270,000 tons (UN estimates) from the polluted oceans. Solar and wind as an energy source eliminates high fuel costs and CO2 emission. Using semi-autonomous ships for this task cuts out the need for crews at sea, also savings costs. A novel ship design allows us to generate significant electrical energy, sufficient to propel the craft, and to harvest and separate the plastic.

The advantage of the concept is that unchecked toxic waste accumulation that is killing wildlife and entering our food chain may be reduced and with persistent patrols, contained. Otherwise useless plastic might be recovered for part savings in the cleanup bill.


We are seeking development partners in robotics, communications, ship design, hydrocyclonic separation and shredding technology. We are also seeking funding partners.


We are in effect offering a global waste recovery service. The most likely customers from this service will be civic harbour authorities to begin with, followed by coastguard services and finally international organisations that are at this time looking for a solution - where none exists to date.


The initial stage of the project is to build a small scale demonstration robot boat. Once proven conceptually, we should like to develop a full size prototype and patent the technology so perfected, by way of improvements to GB2511731.

With the above in mind we are looking for national and international waste contractors. We are also looking for shipbuilders specialising in workboats.




We are an environmental think tank, developing sustainable solutions for modern living. As appropriate, we apply for and secure patent protection, build demonstration prototypes and look for industrial partners to be able to bring to market the product or service.

At this time we are developing a concept and business model to recycle plastics from the 6 major ocean gyres with a solar and wind powered ship called SeaVax and a waste transport system to deliver harvested plastic to land based treatment centres. We hope to use your own and other similarly themed events to network and find potential project collaborative partners, preferably manufacturing. We also need ship design and robotics partners, so could work with universities for such input. However, our main concern is finding funding for this project, where we are an SME that has not begun trading and is unlikely to do so until funding is secured. We are though open to licensing agreements, if this might be a way forward.



ENERGY FROM WASTE PRODUCTS - Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion & Composting

Energy from waste consultancy

RECYCLING SERVICES - recycling solutions and services to achieve zero waste to landfill status.

Plastics Recycling

WASTE HANDLING & LOGISTICS - - facilities management, vehicle hire services, transporting commercial or construction waste

Mobile Machinery

MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT - Suppliers of machinery and equipment for containing and organising waste

Size Reduction Equipment (shredders, balers, compactors, crushers)
Sorting and Separating Systems




You may have walked on a beach and noticed this kind of waste, and disgusting as it is, not though too much about it. You may also have been reading about a patch of garbage the size of Texas floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for years now, dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and again not given it much more than passing attention. But, basically, any trash that gets dumped in the water rides the currents to this one spot and joins an ever-increasing flotilla of toxins that is killing marine life and poisoning the oceans. For all the breathless accounts of the mess and its impact on the area’s sealife, no one seemed to have a picture of the buildup. While the above is quite alarming, what is an international problem, is also a potential resource, in that plastic can be recycled into oil and useful products. Thus, the problem that no country wants to admit liability for, could become an opportunity, provided that the technology is developed to "make it happen." Yes, we are fans of Sir John Harvey-Jones and we have a plan. But we need industrial development partners and seed funding.



Development model SeaVax for testing and feasibility


OCEAN PLASTIC RECOVERY DRONE V2 - Plan and side views of the SeaVax concept (heading west), showing the basics of the shredding head and boom scoop that funnels plastic garbage towards a shredding and grading head. A SeaVax is basically a solar powered ocean going vacuum cleaner, except that the brushes that are normally used to sweep a carpet, are replaced with steel shredding drums that are specially designed to cope with plastic bottles, bags and rope. The grading head is protected from animal ingestion with guards and sensors that are designed to preserve wildlife. In this version the wind generating apparatus has been moved to the front of the ship, mainly for stability. New microchip technology under development can detect plastic particle size. Allied with wildlife deterrents (signals), the SeaVax can be made to be a safe way to filter-clean the oceans.


SeaVax feasibility study, water filter cleaning machines


FEASIBILITY - Slightly modified from the AutoCad drawing above, a 1/20th scale feasibility study is nearing completion. The technology is patent applied for, with additional improvement filings to be prepared from the current, and possibly future research (much of which will be open source) such that licenses may be granted to collaborative partners. In the case of ocean recovery and recycling businesses, these are likely to be free licenses.


    Enterprise Europe Network South East





Resource Event

B2 Match EU Resource 2015 Participants

Enterprise Europe

B2 Match EU Resource 2015

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