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ABB - Netherlands fast charge EV station network

Acid oceans - Dissolved carbon dioxide and global warming

Across the Lake - Anthony Hopkins as Donald Campbell

ADIPEC - Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference 2024

Adriatic Sea - tourism and pollution

Air quality - transport pollution and cancer

Aircraft Carriers - USS Gerald R Ford - Nimitz - HMS QE - Drone

African Marine Waste Network - Sustainable Seas Trust

African Queen - Boat restoration project

Agfa Bluebird - Hydroplane and Offshore powerboats

AIS - Automatic Identification System for ships

Alexander Wild - Macro photography media review

American Council on Renewable Energy - ACORE

American Express - Blue & Bluebird cards

Andy Green - JCB Diesel Max

Amphibious bus city river tours

AmphiMax - Virtual shipyard or amphibious portable dock & launch rig

António Guterres - UN Secretary General

Antonio Tanjani - President European Parliament

Arctic Ocean - Bering Sea & Aleutian Islands

Arduino - Robot programming project, micro computers

Argentine Navy, Republic Armada

Astute class nuclear submarines -

Atlantic Ocean - SprinterAtlantOS 

Aussie Invader - Rosco McGlashen

Australian Maritime College - AMC - Cannonball Run

Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 -

Autonomous EV charging station - Future transportation

Autonomous SWASH robot ship - Bluebird Marine Systems

Autonomous - World Record Attempts:  SCOUT ASV 2013

AUVSI - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Int.

Aviation Authorities - FAA, CAA, MAA

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations Secretary General


Batteries, Lithium Ion, Polymer - Exchange refueling - History

BE4 - Ecostar electric sports car DC 50 cartridge versatility

Bill Smith - K7 salvage and restoration project Vs Ruskin Museum

Biology - Marine biologists, micro-biology

Biotechnology, Marine

Biscay - Bay of, Mediterranean Sea

Bismarck - Germany, WWII Battleship

Black Magic Design - Ursa PL

Bloodhound - Richard Noble's 1000 mph SSC

Blue Bird Corporation - Freight forwarders, Italy

Blue Bird Corporation - School bus manufacturer USA

Blue Shield, The International organization to protect cultural heritage

BlueBird - Traders - Shipping India- Napier, Rolls Royce

Bluebird blue bird trademarks - logos - boat history

Bluebird boats - K3 - K4 - K7 - CMN8 - K7 Jet Model

Bluebird Boats Limited

Bluebird Care - Corgi die cast models CN7

Bluebird Express - Tractor pulling championships

Bluebird Store, Montana, USA - Island, Surrey

Blue birds of the world - Marine Corp - Restoration

Bluebird Automotive - Toffee - Coaches - Cafe - Glider

Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd - Company Information

Bluebird Yacht Association - Victoria, Australia

Bluefish plc - Communications - Vodafone Group plc

Blue Economy Challenge - Nine Sigma, Australia

Blue Growth - Blue Growth - Horizon 2020 calls 2015 EU - 2016 - A - Z Index

Blue Ribband - The Atlantic speed record - Rowing

Blue Marine Foundation - Bike ride London to Monaco

Bluebird Technologies - dissolved

Blueplanet Ecostar WLSR Electric Car

BMG - Birtles Music Group, Sony RCA - Bluebird

Boats: Jetstar, electric - repairs

Boeing - AquaJet hydroplane + hydrofoil history

Bonneville - Cars & Drivers - Salt Flats, Utah

Boyan Slat - Ocean Cleanup Project, Indiegogo

Brains, Human collective

Brigitte Bardot - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Britannia - Royal Yacht

Britannic - Sinking by U Boat mine

British Electric Land Speed Record 2012

British Land Speed Record - Outright

British Marine Federation

British Oceanographic Data Centre

Brooklands - Banked racing circuit & Museum

Budweiser Rocket Car - WLSR

Bunker fuels, heavy oil, diesel and coal

Cable & Wireless Adventurer - Nigel Irens

CARB - California air resources board

Campbell at Coniston DVD

Cannonball EV Run event rules - History - India

Captain William Kidd - Pirate treasure

Cardiff City FC - The Bluebirds

Caribbean Storms - Arthur - Sea

Castrol - Lord Wakefield

Channel, The English, La Manche - Blue growth - Pollution

Chargers - battery management

Christiana Pasco Palmer - Convention on Biodiversity

Chronometer, Marine - John Harrison, Board of Longitude

Circular Economy - Recycling and sustainability EU targets

Classic speedboats on Youtube

Classification Societies - Shipping - 

Climate Change apathy and rising CO2 levels - Links A to Z

CMCC - Center Mediterranean Climate Change

CN7 jet car - Campbell-Norris LSR 4x4

Coding Queens - California Robotics STEM Education

COLREGS - Prevention of Collision at Sea Regulations

Computers - Arduino Beaglebone PICAXE Raspberry

Contacts - Email, phone and postal addresses

Coral Sea - Coast of Western Australia

Corby Council, Midlands E vehicle charging infrastructure

Costa Concordia - Marine salvage operation Giglio, Italy

Countess Lady Fiona Arran - Powerboat racer & eco star

Craig Breedlove - Spirit of America

Critical Infrastructure - Homeland security

Crowdfunder UK - funding platform

Crowdrise - funding platform

Cruise missiles - Intermediate range nuclear weapons

Crusader - Jet powered water speed record boat

Dan Hook - ASV Global MD

Darwin to Adelaide - Cannonball EV Rally Australia

David Miliband - Global Ocean Commissioner

Daytona Beach, Florida, US race track

Delft Technology University TU - Netherlands

Denmark - Aiming for zero carbon transport for 2050

Devonshire - EV Project - William Cavendish 7th Duke

Docking in busy harbours autonomously

Dolphins - US Navy to replace with robots - Winter

Donald Campbell - Charity Auction - Suicide

Donald Campbell CBE - 50th anniversary Lake Eyre

Donald Sidebottom - Motoring memorabilia collector

Donald Wales - Grandson Malcolm Campbell - Joe Wales

Dongfeng - Volvo Ocean Race 2014

DPRTE - MOD defence procurement contracts

Drayson, Lord - British electric LSR attempt 2013

Drone Soldiers - Armoured anti-tank  infantry units for Ukraine vs Russian

Drones - ROV / UUV automatic launch & retrieval system 

DSTL - CDE - Collaborative Research 2014/5

Dyson - Sir James - River plastic cleaning barge

East Sea - Tokai

Eastbourne Pier - Historic monument at risk in England

EGYPES - Egyptian Energy Conferences February 2024

E-Navigation revolution ECDIS conference 2013

ElectricityBoats - Cars, Airplanes. Vehicles

Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Report on plastic in the oceans

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles - Conference 2017

Energy Observer - Solar, wind and hydrogen powered catamaran

Environment Agency - UK Government organisation

Europe - Enterprise, Environmental monitoring system

European Maritime Day - Poole, May 18 2017

European Wind Energy Association - EWEA

Exxon Mobil - Climate denial

FCH JU - H2020 Hydrogen call electric vehicle storage design

FCH JU - H2020 Liquid hydrogen storage tanks for HGVs

Fisheries - IFCA, Inshore Conservation Authority - Piracy & quotas

Fishing Boats - Autonomous programmable robot vessels

Flatfire - Ron Main - Ford Engine

Flettner Rotors - Monorotor wind assisted ship propulsion

Food SecurityFeed The World

Formicarium - The ultimate Ant Farm

Formula E - Circuit road racing for electric vehicles

Formula E - Instant pit stop recharging system

France - La Rochelle, Nice

Francis Joyon - Friendship route: Bordeaux to Rio de Janiero

French Navy - La Royale Marine Nationale

Fuel Cells - Versatile instant energy transfers for EVs

Fundly - crowdfunding platform

G7 - Sustainable development Summit June 2015

G20 - Hamburg Summit 2017 - Hangzhou Summit 2016

G20 - Climate Change - Global warming

Gar Wood - Miss America

Geneva Convention - Rules of Engagement

Gerard d'Aboville - rowing adventure, sailor

Gerald Ford - Class aircraft carriers,

Gary Gabelich & Tom Daniel

Gilbert Islands - Pacific Ocean

Global Combat Ship - Type 26 frigate BAE Systems

Global Ocean CommissionSpeech by Prince Charles

GoFundMe - crowdfunding platform

Goldenrod - Summer brothers

Goodwood - Racing circuit, Sussex, England

Google - Driverless car

Great North Pacific Garbage Patch

Greenpeace - Environmental Advocacy v Piracy

Greenway - Slovakia's EV (vans) service stations

Greta Thunberg - Skolstrejk Klimatet climate change activist

                           - Sails to COP 25 zero carbon August 2019

GRIPS - Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability

GRP - Fibreglass - mobile boat repair service

Guides, to good fish A to Z index

Guinness World Records - Solar boats

Gulf of Mexico - Deepwater Horizon

Hanneke Wromen - Finnish treasure ship's gold coins 1468

Harmony Of The Seas - Climate changing dinosaurs

Hastings - The Stade world's largest beach launched fishing fleet

Heather Spurle - Water Speed Record

Hawaii - Solar boat race - University - OTEC

Henry (Frederick) Royce - Memorial Foundations

Henry Segrave - Land speed record

Heritage Lottery Fund - K7 Ebay sell off

Herman Melville - Author of Moby Dick

High Seas Alliance

History - The blue bird of happiness, Maurice Maeterlinck

HMS Daring - Destroyers and Frigates

HMS Dreadnought - First Royal Navy steam turbine destroyer

HMS Prince of Wales - broken down aircraft carrier

HMS Sussex - Treasure gold laden shipwreck 1694

HMS Victory - 1737

Honolulu Harbor - Sand Island

HRH Prince of Wales - Speech Washington DC - Climate Change

Horizon 2020 - EU Research Zero EV DSTL TSB 7-11-13

                      - H2020-CE-FNR-09 marine plastic call October 2019

Horizon Magazine - European Commission

Humpback whales- Kulo Luna anti whaling chapter

Hydrofoils - Vessels that use wings to fly in water

Hydrogen economy - Fuel cells

IHO - International Hydrographic Organization

Immo Stroeher - Financier of PlanetSolar

IMO - International Maritime Organization - Kitack Lim

Indian Motorcycles - World's Fastest - Anthony Hopkins

Indian Navy INS Sindhurakshak

Indian Ocean - Commission (IOC)

Indiegogo - crowdfunding platform

Inmarsat - Marine Broadband

International Rescue Committee - David Miliband

International Windship Association

Iran-Iraq War - USS Stark, Exocet missiles

Iridium - Marine satellite comms

Italy - Coast Guard & Navy

iXblue - Navigation and oceanographic instruments

James Cameron - Deepsea Challenge 3D

Jaws - Blockbuster shark attack movie by Steven Spielberg 1975

JCB Dieselmax - Andy Green

Jellyfish - Swarms

Jet boat records - water speed

John Campbell - Fastest Bexhill dash

John Kerry - US Secretary of State

John Cobb - A brilliant designer

José María Figueres - Global Ocean Commissioner

Jules Verne - The father of science fiction

Juliet Marine's Ghost SWATH trim system

Just Giving - crowdfunding platform

JVH2 - Jules Verne Hydrogen Trophy

K3 - Rolls Royce Merlin Water Speed Record - Blue Ocean

K7 jet hydroplane Water Speed Records - K777 - Models

K7 Project - Barmera, Australia - UK restoration

Karmenu Vella - European commissioner fisheries

Ken Norris - Jetstar partnership

Ken Warby - Spirit of Australia

Kevin Costner - Oil spill vacuum cleaner

Kickstarter - crowdfunding platform

Killer Whales - Orcas- Luna

KISS - Good design begins here

Kit cars - body and chassis kits for DIY electric motoring

Koji Sekimizu - IMO Secretary General

Lake Dumbleyung & Lake Eyre - Australia - Lakeland Museum

Land speed records - LSR

Law and legal issues for unmanned vessels - 

Lasers - Directed Energy Weapons DEWs - model lasers

Legend - The making of a - Heraldic symbols

Leo Villa - Mechanic to Malcolm & Donald Campbell

Leonardo DiCaprio - Foundation

Lifeboats - Safety and rescue equipment at sea

Links page - An information resource

Littoral combat vessels - Homeland security & sovereignty

Liquefied natural gas - LNG

London - River Thames

Lord Montague - Beaulieu, National Motor Museum

Luna the killer whale - Documentary drama, Orcas

Lusitania - Sinking by Torpedo submarine U20 WWI

Malcolm Campbell Heritage Trust

Malcolm Campbell's scrapbook auction - Heritage Trust

Manta Sea Cleaners

Maria Damanaki - Nature Conservancy, oceans

Marine Biology Associations

Maritime Australia Limited - Pacific 2013

MARPOL - International Shipping Convention

Martin Rees - Project Director

MAS - Maritime Autonomous Systems

MCA - Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Meccano - Bluebird models

Mediterranean Sea - Sail the seven seas

Megalodon - Giant prehistoric sharks

Michelin - Bibendum Challenge

Mighty Cause - crowdfunding platform

Mines - Defenses and countermeasures - US Navy progress

Miss Ocean - Bardahl - Roll-Royce Merlin powered hydroplane

Moby-Dick - Fictional great white sperm whale based on real cetaceans

MonaLisa - marine traffic control

MotoExpo - National Motor Museum sustainable event

Motors: electric, AC, DC - Wheel Motors

Msubs - Underwater unmanned vessels UUVs -submarines

National Geographic - magazine - World Ocean Summit

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Nautilus Mineral Inc - Deep sea mining company

Naval Oceanographic Office - US Military Sealift Command

Naval Studies Board - USVs

NAVSEA - Naval Sea Systems Command

NEC - Smart charging infrastructure for EVs

NERC - National Environmental Research Council

Newcastle University - Advanced & high speed craft

Ngawi - New Zealand's beach launched fishing fleet

Nigel Irens - Cable & Wireless Adventurer

Nigel Macknight - Quicksilver

Nikola Tesla - Inventor of the radio controlled boat 1898

Nile - Longest river clean 2022

Nimitz class aircraft carrier

Nisshin Maru - Institute of Cetacean Research, Japan

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOC - National Oceanography Centre

NORAD - North American Aerospace Defense Command

North Sea - Oil

Nuclear - Submarine losses

Ocean Business 2013, NOC, Southampton

Oceana - International conservation advocacy

Oceanography International China 2013 - London 2014 - London 2022

Oceanographic research - Solar powered ship

Offshore wind energy - Turbines installation surveys

Oil exploration - Sustainability - Oil spill cleanup robot - SeaVax

Operation Ocean Shield

Pacific Ocean - 

Pakistan - Navy

Paris, France - River Seine, visit PlanetSolar 2013

Parry Thomas - Babs - Pendine Sands

Parsons, Charles Algernon - Turbinia

Patents, Designs, Technology transfer - Italian Eco propulsion

Patents - Autonomous vessels - EV Instant Recharging

PAYD - Pay As You Drive - lowering EV motoring costs

Pew Charitable Trusts

Phoenix 360 - ocean cleaning ship

Photography - How to take great insect pictures DIY

Pirates - Nagasaki, Japan - Maersk Alabama hijacking

PlanetSolar Turanor - Canary Wharf, London 30-8-13

Plastic - Ocean Friendly

Plastic pollution - Ocean gyres 

Plymouth and Portsmouth Universities

Pope Francis - The Vatican, Catholic Church

Ports - Autonomous unmanned docking

President Barack Obama USA - On climate change & security

President USA - Donald Trump

Prince Albert II of Monaco

Procurement fraud - Identification & prevention

Propellers - Invention of, Francis Pettit Smith, John Ericsson

Qatar Emri Naval Forces

Queen Elizabeth HM - Class aircraft carrier

Quintana Roo - Maya Riviera, Caribbean Sea

Quirky - crowdfunding platform

Race for Water Foundation - Pour preserver L'eau

Railton Mobil Special - IC LSR

Raphaël Domjan - PlanetSolar skipper

Raspberry Pi - Micro computer robot brain

Ratan Tata, Sir


RCA Victor Group - Bluebird Music

Red Flag Act - Political lobbying to stop automobiles competing with trains

Red Sea - The

Reid Railton - Vehicle design engineer

Richard Noble - Thrust 2 - Thrust SSC

Rickshaw - solar powered electric design study

Rio de Janeiro - PlanetSolar Saharan dust study, Brazil

RiverVax - River cleaning workboats

Rivers & pollution - Ganges - SeaVax

RN MASTT - Autonomous unmanned trials team

Roads, highways and motorways

Robot (the) and the Blue Bird by David Lucas

Robotaxis and Robotrucks - autonomous self driving vehicles

Rockethub - crowdfunding platform

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine - Marine, ship design & systems

Rolls Royce yacht concept - Autonomous shipping

Rover Metro - EV conversion

ROVs - drones - UUVs - Robot launching & recovery

Royal Australian Navy - Royal Norwegian Navy

Royal Navy British Traditions

Ruskin Museum - Coniston home for the K7 - Versus Bill Smith February 2023

Sailing Ships

SAM - Surface to Air Missiles in the Naval arena

Sargassum Insurance, Sargassum Taxes

Sargasso Sea - Sargassum crisis - Commissioners (Hamilton Declaration) New Sargasso

Satellites - For ocean pollution monitoring

SCAT - Southern California Timing Association

Scilly Isles

Schneider Trophy - Sea Planes

SeaCharger - Autonomous Atlantic robot boat

SeaNet - Sargassum navigation tracking crisis solution system

Sea Shepherd - Anti whaling conservation group

SeaVax archive 2018 -

Seawolf - Autonomous submarine countermeasures, SeaNet

Seawork - Maritime exhibition 2013 - 2014

Sectasaur A-Z index - Fiction, Sci-fi, Antarctic melting ice reveals prehistoric insect

Seoul National University - College Naval Architecture

ServoWatch - SWATH vessel trim system

Sextant - Marine navigational instrument

Shai Agassi - Better Place EV service forecourts

Sharks - AttacksAnimatronics - World's biggest

Shell - Eco Marathon - Nigeria oil spill

Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers Association

Shipping classification bureas

Siemens - Segula Matra Technologies EV motors

Sir David Attenborough - Life on Earth

Sir Malcolm Campbell - 90 years on nostalgic return to Pendine

Sir Terence Conran - Bluebird Store, London

Slo mo shun - WSR hydroplane

Smart energy harvesting management technology

Solar Service Stations - Clean energy harvesting

SolarStratos - Altitude record project, Raphael Domjan

SOLAS - International Convention Safety at Sea

Soliloquy - Eco superyacht

Solomon Islands - Makiri, Santa Cruz, Pacific Ocean

Somerville College - Oxford University

Soton - University of Southampton

South China Sea

Southern Queen - Restoration project

Space Rovers - Planetary exploration &  irregular surface locomotion

Spirit of America, 1, 2 - Craig Breedlove

Spirit of Texas - David Kirkland Racing

SPOT - Satellite global tracking system

Star Trek - USS bluebird star ship

State of the Oceans - International Programme

Steam - Car Records - Ships

Steve Double - MP St Austell, Newquay - Keep Britain Tidy

Steve Holter - Leap Into Legend

Stirling Moss - Racing driver

Storage - Energy mass storage devices, Bluebird technology

Submarines - Nuclear lost - HKs - Leidos anti-sub ACTUV

Submersibles - Deep sea exploration

Suparprice - UK CO online store Amazon

Sustainable Development Goals - UN SDGs

SWASH - Small Waterplane Area Single Hulls

SWATH - Small Waterplane Area Twin Hulls

Swedish Navy - Cold War submarine hunt

Tank Testing - Small scale closed loop concept

Technology Strategy Board - TSB

Ted Danson - Actor and environmentalist

Tesla - EV battery exchange system 90 second recharging

The Clean Oceans Project - California

The Oceans Foundation

Thunderbolt - George Eyston - Speed of the Wind

Titanic II - Clive Palmer & Blue Star Line

Tonia Bern-Campbell - Singer, actress and author

Top Gun - AMG Mercedes fastest electric offshore powerboat

Torpedoes - Anti shipping & submarines

Toyota - Solid state EV battery technology

Trademarks - IP - Registration history

Trade Winds - Atlantic rowing event - Blue Riband

TRANSAS - Navigation instruments, ECDIS charts

Trans Pacific Partnership - Trade agreements

Transport (Road) Research Laboratory UK

Treasure Hunters - Archaeological quest - Pirates chest

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson's hunt for buried gold

Trevor Manuel - Global Ocean Commisioner

Trieste Bathyscaphe - Deepest dive Mariana Trench

Trim Tabs - Humphree ATOS

Trimaran - BGV Giles Vaton - Carbon neutral megayacht

Turanor PlanetSolar - Venice, Adriatic

Turbinator - Don Vesco

TU Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Turbinia - Parsons, Charles Algernon

Typhoons - Haiyan

U Boats - German wartime submarines

UAS - Unmanned aerial vehicles and systems - UAV

UKHO - United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

UK Marine Industries Alliance

UK NEST - Naval Engineering Science & Technology

UN - United Nations international organisation - Food & Agriculture

UNCLOS - UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO - Global conference on oceans and islands

Universal Energy Cartridge - Sustainable transport

Universite de Geneve - Planetsolar Deepwater Expedition

University of Brighton - Green growth platform

University of California, Santa Barbara, NCEAS 

University: Cranfield - Strathclyde - The South Pacific, Fiji

US Energy Department $50 million EV fund March 2013

US Naval Studies Research Committee USVs

USS Bluebird ASR-19 - Submarine rescue ship

USS Bluebird AMS-121 - Minesweeper

USS Bluefish (SS-222) - WWII submarine - SSN-675 Nuke

USS Cole - Al-Qaeda attack prompts Swarm Drones

USS Flying Fish US Navy nuclear submarine

USS Guardian - Minesweeper shipwreck Philippines

USS Seawolf - Most expensive US submarine

USS Nautilus - 1st nuclear submarine & North Pole transit

USS Virginia

VSAT - Consilium Marine Services and Orange

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association

Vampire jet powered dragster BLSR

Vera Lynn, Dame - Bluebirds over white cliffs Dover

Vetas Sailrocket

VEX IQ Worlds - Middle, Elementary schools robotics challenge

Virgin - Sir Richard Branson - Ocean Elder

Vikings - Longboats

Virtual Reality - 3D ocean experience & android iOS games

Voyager - Solar powered autonomous boat

Warby, Dave - Spirit of Australia 2 jet hydroplane world water record

Wargaming - Naval model combat clubs - Society Rules & Links

Water speed records - WWSR - Tank testing - Tank making

WAVE - Paris to Prague - India

Wave energy - power generation

Wave powered boats and ships - Foils Horizon 2020

Welcome Page - A little about us

Whale sharks

Whaling - Illegal hunting

Wheels - Wheel Hub Motors

White Triplex LSR car - Ray Keech

Wind powered ships - Renewable energy research FP7

Wind tunnel testing - desktop unit concept

Wind turbines - SeaVax model development

Wingfoot Express - Tom Green & Walt Arfons

Wolfgang Flatow - Eco inventor

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - Alvin

World Ocean Anti-plastic Alliance (WOAA)

World Economic Forum- Report more plastic than fish

World Electric Water Speed Records - 

World Food Prizes

World Health Organization - WHO

World Ocean Council

World Ocean Observatory

Word War Three - Blue peacekeeping drones to replace conventional navies

World Wildlife Fund - WWF

ZEWT - Zero Emission Waterborne Transport


Flying blue fish, engineering mimicking nature        


Time stands still for no man - Tempus Fugit



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